Photo: Gabriela Brandenstein





1970 Group-exhibition Munich, Gallery Gurlitt
1971 Personal exhibition Hambourg, Gallery Matou
1971 Personal exhibition Sylt, Gallery Matou
1971 Personal exhibition Vienna, Art Club Unido
1971 Group-exhibition Hambourg, Gallery Hoeppner
1972 Personal exhibition Graz, Forum Stadtpark
1973 Group-exhibition Vienna, Gallery am Rabensteig
1973 Illustrations for “Herr Mantel und Herr Hemd” by Gerhard Roth
1974 Group-exhibition Vienna, Imperial Castle “Year of the Woman”
1974 Personal exhibition Vienna, Gallery am Rabensteig
1975 Group-exhibition Levallois-Peret, World salon of painters
1975 Painting-book “In Strauss und Bogen” for the Joh.Strauss-year
1975 Group-exhibition Vienna, Gallery in der Blutgasse
1975 Personal exhibition Vienna, Gallery am Rabensteig
1976 Group-exhibition Vienna, Gallery am Rabensteig
1977 Personal exhibition Ascona, Gallery AAA
1979 Personal exhibition Klagenfurt, Gallery Hildebrand
1983 Personal exhibition Vienna, Gallery Christian Brandstaetter
2000 Stamp in the serie “Modern Art in Austria” for the post
2001 Group-exhibition Paris, Gallery Gladys Mougin
2005 Personal exhibition Milan, Austrian Cultural Forum
2005 Group-exhibition St Denis/Réunion, Artotheque
2005 Personal exhibition Paris, Café “Les Deux Magots”
2005 Personal exhibition Paris, Barclays bank, St Germain
2005 Personal exhibition St Denis/Réunion, Maison du Monde
2006 Group-exhibition Paris, Gallery Lucie Weill & Seligman
2006 Group-exhibition Vienna, Gallery H 17
2006 Personal exhibition Paris, Barclaysbank, Victor Hugo
2007 Personal exhibition Paris, Barclays Private Bank, Fbg. St, Honoré
2008 Personal exhibition Vienna - Schwechat, Private Airport, General Aviation
2009 Group-exhibition Vienne, MUSA "stark bewölkt"
2010 Group-exhibition Berlin, Austrian Embassy "Schattenhaft"
2011 Personal exhibition Schüttkasten, Primmersdorf Castle
2012 Group exhibition Schloss Riegerburg, N.Ö., "Imago Art"
2012 Group exhibition Vienna - Palais Palffy, "Uncommon Visions", Fantastic generations
2013 Group exhibition Zurich - Helmhaus, "Serge Stauffer - Kunst als Forschung"
2014  Group exhibition  Vienna - 21er Haus,  "Franz Graf - siehe was dich sieht"
2015  Personal exhibition Vienna - Grüne Galerie, "Klimt reloaded"
2016  Personal exhibition  Vienna - Embassy of the Federal Republic od Germany
2016  Group-exhibition     Castle Gloggnitz - "A Legacy of Light"